Perrin Custom Homes is a local builder that has experience building in the various communities of NWA. Our typical client desires a highly-customized house that fits to their specifications, whether in a subdivision with large lots, or rural builds where infrastructure needs are the first step to build. Prospective clients are naturally curious as to what are the basic steps to build a custom home, and what is the timeline to build a custom home. To help clients we have created a sample schedule to provide a general idea of what the custom home building process involves.

  • Client acquires land and contacts us as the builder, and decides to hire us to build for them.
    Formal building plans are developed with the assistance of an Architect and client/builder.
  • During this time of house plan creation, it is also desirable to begin infrastructure work.
    As the builder, we facilitate an extensive lot/land survey, important for the placement of the home as well as septic system, water well, other utilities, and road access to the home.
  • If the lot/land does not have a septic permit from the County, as the builder we will facilitate with a septic engineer for on-site testing, plan creation, and government applications.
  • After the septic system is approved by the County, this is also a good time to start the process of applying for other utility services from the appropriate jurisdictions, including a 911 address.
  • Amenities for both the house interior and exterior are discussed, providing better information to use in the bidding process with both sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Finished plans are used to generate bids/proposals, giving clients realistic cost confirmations.
  • Based upon actual bids, the builder also develops two additional sets of pricing choices, giving
    the client a complete list of “upgrades & cost savings”, for more flexibility than just one bid set.
  • Client and the builder meet to discuss the extensive menu of actual bids and additional choices, resulting in the client being able to custom-tailor 47 X 3 home building cost option categories.
  • Builder then consolidates the three columns of actual bids and the additional choices into just one column of numbers, that can then be given to both a lender and appraiser for a home loan.
  • Builder also provides the Client with a two page “Contract to Build” that the home lender will also want to review along with the cost to build figures.
  • As soon as the home loan is approved by the lender, the builder will obtain a building permit from the County, so that lot/land clearing can begin along with house construction.
  • The time to build a custom home from this point will usually take between 9 and 12 months.